Things to avoid when meeting your escort


Dating an escort is quite different from meeting regular girls. You get to walk, talk and party with one of the sexiest girls in town. More than that, if you play your cards right she will reward you with the best sex you ever had in your life. However, just because you are paying for the whole gig it does not mean that conventional rules don’t apply. Here are some of the things that you will want to avoid when meeting a paid companion:

Don’t be late for your meeting

This is quite a straightforward advice. You should always be punctual, but you should especially try to make it on time when meeting your escort. These beautiful women have a busy schedule and the last thing they want is to wait for their clients. Running late can be avoided if you call her in time and specify a good reason for your delay. This could save your image and prevent her from thinking you are standing her up.

Bad hygiene turns escorts away

You might think that as long as you are paying for her services, an escort should accept you just the way you are. You couldn’t be more wrong than that! These hot, sensual ladies put a lot of emphasis on appearance and hygiene. So, make sure that your grooming is top notch. Take a shower before your date and wear clean clothes. Your mustard-stained jersey and your fluffy hairdo will not do when you are meeting a beautiful model.

Avoid bad manners at all costs

You might be on time for your date and looking better than ever. Nevertheless, if you forgot your manners at home, the whole date will be a disaster. Escorts invest a lot in their public appearance and they always have an elegant presence, which you should try to reach with your behavior. Be a gentleman and avoid any possible embarrassment by always being well-mannered. This will guarantee your success and the promise of a second date.

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